Structured Quiet Time & How Exercise Helped

March 5, 2014

Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, purify your hearts, for your loyalty is divided between God and the world.- James 4:8 NLT

Commitments in life are what you make them. For me, Pure Barre was the catalyst to ensuring my favorite part of the day was a priority: my quiet time. My 6:00am daily commitment translated  to me having a solid hour of quiet time nearly every morning which equaled a closer walk and deeper relationship with God than I could have imagined. There are other factors in my life that obviously help but this was that missing piece—structured devotional time.

The growth in my relationship with Christ, the discernment of the prompting and voice of the Holy Spirit, & the depth of biblical learning which has filled my life has been greater than any other time in my life. As Rick Warren reminded me in a podcast I listened to today, the primary way God speaks to us is through His word-the bible. If we aren’t investing daily time in our bibles, our line of communication with God is drastically cut.

As a Christian, nurturing and growing in a relationship with Christ is of utmost importance. If you aren’t growing stronger, you are drifting away.  A stronger relationship translates to renewed purpose, mental and spiritual strength, clearer vision, and better over all life. Just like any relationship, the more time we spend with the person, the better we know them, their heart, and what matters to them starts mattering to us! How exciting is it that if we know God better, we know his heart better and we become more like him!?

We make relationships and quality time a top priority with friends and family; yet, often we take advantage of God’s grace and settle for a stagnant faith that does not grow & makes no attempt to impact others.

The easy way out.

Knowing the power and joy in a strong & ever-growing relationship with God helped me decide to commit to the earliest possible fitness class. Before I was working all day, getting home exhausted, and would either dread exercise or forfeit it. Because I began to go to Pure Barre at 6 am, I was not only exercising but before the sun came up I was setting the stage for a structured quiet time and and intentionally healthy day.

Exercise keeps you healthy physically but also has a profound strengthening and calming affect mentally. Physical exercise isn’t only what keeps us healthy. Spiritual exercise—growing stronger in your faith, developing a deeper faith, pursuing more bible knowledge, drawing closer to God, etc.-is just as essential. The two coupled together are a powerful combination to ensure your healthiest, happiest, highest quality of life.


Physical exercise is valuable because it promises life in the present,

but spiritual exercise is MORE valuable,

because it promises life both for the present and the future! – 1 Timothy 4:8





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