Abacos Trip 2015, Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

January 25, 2016

Above pictures taken from our front porch at "Tranquility." We found it and booked on VRBO. The owners were great. We loved having the kayaks to use off the beach that the house sits on. The location of the house was perfect for getting on and off the ferry as well as being far enough removed from town to not be in it but close enough not to be too far away. 

Eddie, "The Rock," makes THE BEST fresh conch (and lobster) salad you will find. In the Abacos conch salad is composed of a mix of ingredients such as fresh chopped conch, onion, tomato, green pepper, lemon juice, orange juice, possible hot sauce, cucumber, and celery. It is served ceviche style and is a fresh, light, and healthy snack compared to the usual soul food and fried fare of the Abacos.  After diving for conch before he sets up for the day, Eddie keeps his reserve of live conch beside him. He grabs a live conch from the bucket beside him and makes the salad fresh with all the ingredients in front of you. Local entertainment, one cool guy, and the best conch salad in one stop!

Sid's grocery is where we got the majority of our groceries AND bought coconut bread. Be sure to reserve some! The pleasant couple have historical roots on Green Turtle Cay as their knowledge and pictures will prove to you. They allow you to open a charge account and pay up at the end of your stay, reminiscent of old times. 

Plymouth Rock Liquors is not only where we got our rum for the week but also where we had a fantastic breakfast sandwich and the boys got their cuban cigars. Basically, it was like a home-cooked breakfast sandwich. And somehow they managed to cook it for us without power (?!).

Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar is legendary as is it's world famous Goombay Smash! We bought it by the gallon and enjoyed it on the beach in front of our house. The original Miss Emily has passed away and passed on the business of making the secret ingredient island punch to her daughter, Violet. Mrs. Violet's daughter was in there as well with HER daughter on her hip! The walls are decorated with business cards, t-shirts, and other memorabilia as travelers across the world have felt the need to leave a piece of themselves there on Green Turtle Cay amongst Miss Emily, who resides above us in the picture on the wall. 

Robertha's Faith Grocery was opened after Robertha felt the Lord leading her to invest a small amount of money into opening this place. She stepped out in faith and He has blessed her business ever since. We heard the best conch fritters could be found here, so we stopped by to try them out. She whipped us up some hot ones while we sat in chairs talking inside. They lived up to their reputation and she was even more of a delight to get to know!

We happened upon this dock on the northern end to watch the most beautiful sunset! One aspect that made it even better was the water was less than knee deep, so the boys got in and walked toward the sunset while we sat on the dock and took pictures. 

On Sunday we headed over to Great Guana Cay for the Nipper's Pig Roast. This is probably the most crowded place in all of Abaco on Sunday afternoon. We had been several times before, having stayed on Great Guana Cay the prior two years, but never been on "Brendal's Cruise." He supplies some party punch for the way there and back. All in all, a fun way to get there and see the Sea of Abaco at the same time. Here is the link to Brendal's place. Obvious, his speciality is diving so if you are into that, I hear he is the best. . . and his wall of fame testifies to that as well. 

Grabbers in the location of these pictures. The sky was blue and clear all day but the wind was heavy. Grabbers also is one of the best places to watch the sunset if you are staying in Great Guana Cay. 

Sunrise from our front porch over looking the pacific Ocean

Above pictures illustrate the clear, teal water & white sand beach in front of Nippers. If you don't go for the party, go for the GORGEOUS beach, water, and reef. Some of the best snorkeling is right in front of Nippers. 

On the way back from Nippers, Brendal stopped by No Name Cay to show us the wild pigs -- who swim -- as they await your oranges. No Name Cay is just beside Green Turtle Cay. 

One of our favorite excursions was with Lincoln Jones son doing a fishing trip around Green Turtle, just off the coast of Manjack, and then cooking our fresh catch over the fire on Manjack cay. He and his crew cooked all the fixins' including fresh cut french fries and fresh fried fish. They mixed up a secret Island punch for us and we had THE best time eating our catch waterside. Lincoln was in the Exumas at the time, so we had the pleasure of having his son guide us. Here is how to get in touch with him (yeah you actually have to call).

At Manjack key we fed tons of sharks and sting rays off of the shore. They know they will get fed there from this excursion and are accustomed to being fed.

"New Plymouth" aka downtown Green Turtle Cay (the settlement) is bursting with Bahamian color and charm. The colorful buildings against the blue skies and waters are so charming. Many of the buildings, such as some of the churches, have historical roots. There are plenty of places on the island to choose from to eat at - some of our favorites being The Wrecking Tree & 2 Shortey's (takeout - BEST cracked conch!). Green Turtle Club & Marina was a five star meal; however, it is a much more stiff and formal environment compared to the laid back, fried food clad menu elsewhere on the Island. Harvey's was a fantastic candlelit meal with a great 'nicer dinner' ambiance and food. Macintosh was very good as well, but more on the casual end. When you drive up over the hill (in your golf cart) you will look down and see New Plymouth. Its a fun, bustling little town center. If you need cash on the few days per week that the bank is open, be prepared to wait for a very, very....very.... long time. 

Lubbers Landing - one of my favorite places to stop in the Abaco for a reason many may not appreciate: drinks are made with fresh squeezed juices, property is "eco-friendly" from their rooms right down to their french fries (the best in Abaco). The vibe is Bob Marley. It is always a must stop for me. Zen at its finest. 

Tahiti Beach - aka "White Sand Beach". Pictures really don't do this 'beach' justice. The heavy cloud cover didn't either, but it was still beautiful. Unfortunately, each year we have been, its been cloudy! Oh well, maybe next year!. 

Firefly is definitely the most Americanized place you will go to in The Abacos HOWEVER, we still make it a point to go every time. Last time we went, former University of South Carolina head football coach was sitting just a few tables from us. Of course, he went out of his way to avoid us Clemson fans - not exaggerating and funny story regardless. Firefly's owners are in South Carolina as is there famous Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. They have a range of Firefly drinks to try- one of our favorites being their version of a mojito. The food is always good, the view never gets old, and the place is very nice, updated, and clean, unlike many of the rustic other places we enjoy.  I would go but expect to feel almost like you are back in the states. 

Below is what I refer to as our secret lagoon. Secret because of the once I stayed on a house that overlooked it and twice we visited it by boat, no time did I see other boats on the lagoon. The wildlife in the lagoon is breathtaking - leopard stingrays, fish, sharks . . . gorgeous. The water is the most beautiful we've seen in the Abacos. I've never read about it anywhere and hate to spoil it, but know I'm not the first one to have been there. Its between Scotland and Great Guana Cay. We stayed in Dolphin Lookout our first year in the Abacos which looks over the lagoon. Highly would recommend this home if you are wanting to stay on GGC. This lagoon always makes my trip complete.

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